How Do You Remove Paint Protection Film From Your Car?

When it comes to protecting a vehicle’s paintwork from the destructive effects of the environment and the chance of more superficial scratches, paint protection film is the appropriate protective layer to use. But after some time, your see-through bra will suffer some damage that will interfere with its ability to do its job! How can you tell when it’s time to remove the paint protection film? How do we get rid of the PPF? Keep reading this article from Ceramic Pro New River Valley in Christiansburg, Virginia, to learn how it’s done!

Time To Remove PPF!

The state of your car’s paint protection film should be your first consideration when deciding. The following are some of the significant problems that need to be investigated:

  • One of the most common issues is yellowing. The discoloration could have been brought on by prolonged exposure to the sun or other extreme environmental conditions.
  • After being subjected to ultraviolet radiation for an extended period, a film will begin to disintegrate, giving the impression that it is constructed out of shattered glass. A coating that has become degraded can cause damage to the paint underneath and make it exceedingly difficult to remove.
  • The time spent driving, and the number of kilometers driven might make the paint protection film on your vehicle more prone to damage that affects its appearance. It’s possible that driving through challenging terrain will cause the film to wear and peel over time, giving the vehicle an unattractive appearance.

How many steps are required to remove the PPF from the surface?

Simply following these procedures will allow you to remove the paint protection film from an automobile.

  • Make sure you do not remove the film by peeling it off as you would page from a book. Instead, you should search for the point in the film that most clearly illustrates the transition from the car to the film. From this point on, you can start peeling the film. Examine the edges to find out if film separation has already begun, even if you cannot find the spot where the film is most obviously peeling off. Warming the surface will make it easier to remove the film, so park your car where the sun can hit it or cover it in hot towels. 
  • The area peeled off should be heated using a heat gun or blow dryer for a few seconds, and then the stretch should be done slowly. At all times, there should be a space of between 8 and 12 inches maintained between the heat gun and the PPF. As with any other heating tool, exercising extreme caution is required whenever you use one of these.
  • After the PPF has been removed, any residues of adhesive should be eliminated by applying a minute amount of a specialized adhesive remover to the affected area. In cases where it is necessary, reapply the solution by rubbing it into the remaining residue and then wiping it off.
  • After removing the adhesive residue, dry the section using a microfiber cloth.

Where is the best place to remove and apply new paint protection film?

Paint protection film gives excellent paint protection. Your car’s paint is shielded against damage caused by rock chips and scratches by a layer that is both thick and flexible. We are pleased to provide the option of purchasing paint protection film manufactured by KAVACA. This fantastic brand comes with a warranty that covers many years! You have the option of having us cover only the front end of your automobile, the entire vehicle, or almost any other spot!

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