We are the area’s #1 choice for Vehicle Protection Services – Ceramic Pro New River Valley. We have premium equipment and professional training to give your vehicle a stunning and elegant appearance. Contact us at 540-315-7362 for additional information. Alternatively, you can visit us at 3025 North Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA.

About Us - Ceramic Pro New River Valley in Christiansburg, VA

Ceramic Pro New River Valley is a detailing company that specializes in Ceramic CoatingWindow Tinting, and Paint Protection Film with the best quality service from a team with a vast amount of knowledge and experience with cars. We are fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment to give your automobile a stunning and elegant appearance.

About Us - Ceramic Pro New River Valley in Christiansburg, VA

Our Paint Protection & Window Tinting Services

Ceramic Coating is the newest paint-protection craze It keeps the paint from fading due to UV rays and protects against unanticipated environmental harm A hydrophobic service is left by a ceramic coating, which allows water and dirt to roll off, making cleaning considerably more manageable. An automobile that has been ceramic coated will be exceptionally lustrous and maintain its showroom appearance for many years!

Paint protection film is a translucent urethane layer applied to the body panels to protect the paint underneath The material is extremely strong, flexible, chemically stable, and UV-resistant When applied to your vehicle’s body panels, it acts as a second skin, protecting the paint from damage such as scratches, dings, paint fading, UV rays, and chemical deterioration
Window tinting is a process that involves applying a translucent layer of film to the inside of a vehicle’s windows The primary goal of this technique is to limit the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that reaches the vehicle’s interior Still, many people tint their windows simply because they believe It looks fantastic The thickness and composition of the film might vary, and different states have varying regulations on the amount of darkness that can be applied to the windows

Why should you choose Ceramic Pro New River Valley?

Ceramic Pro New River Valley is a team of highly experienced professionals with comprehensive knowledge of autos and many years of expertise. We have top-of-the-line equipment to make your car magnificent and stylish.

High Quality Services

You will receive the most outstanding care services when visiting Ceramic Pro New River Valley. Here, you will receive the highest quality assistance from a team with extensive expertise and experience in automobile protection.

Experienced Detailers

Our highly skilled and extensively trained technicians will deliver the best level of service, using only the best-detailing products and protective solutions on the market!

Attractive and Affordable Budgets for all customers

At Ceramic Pro New River Valley, you are consulted with paint protection packages suitable for the level of damage to your car's paint surface and your budget. Our technicians will review the damage level of your car and then offer solutions.

About Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro New River Valley is an Elite Partner of Ceramic Pro. We use all the best products from Ceramic Pro – the world’s leading manufacturer of nanoceramic surface coatings. We have various ceramic coating and paint protection film products, each specially developed for appropriate surfaces.


Let the team at Ceramic Pro New River Valley take care of your vehicle! We are located at 3025 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, USA. Offering the highest quality ceramic coating, PPF, window tinting us be your first choice to care for your car.