Does a ceramic coating mean you never have to wash your car?

Ceramic coating is the best option for ensuring the car maintains its pristine look throughout its lifespan. Ceramic coating will reduce the risk of contamination because of its hydrophobic properties! However, does a ceramic coating guarantee you will never have to clean your automobile again? Is it true or not? Ceramic Pro New River Valley is here to help you get to the bottom of the facts surrounding ceramic coating.

All the information you need to know about ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings are the most advanced means of protecting the paint on the market. A liquid quartz-based protective coating is applied to the exterior of a vehicle using this process. Applied by hand, it provides an extra layer of hydrophobic protection for your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coatings strongly link the paint, protecting it from harmful environmental toxins and slight physical friction.

Your car will benefit significantly from a ceramic coating for the following reasons:

Protecting against ultraviolet light for your automobile

Because it is impossible to prevent continual exposure to the sun, the paint on the automobile has a risk of oxidizing over time, which may lead to flaking, dulling, and steadily increasing fading of your cars paint. The ceramic coating shields your car from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light from the sun, therefore extending the life of the paint.

It is easy to clean.

A ceramic coating on your car also makes cleaning it much more manageable. As a result of the hydrophobic features of the coated surface, dirt and debris will not stick to it, which means you will spend less time washing and cleaning your car.

Is it true that having a ceramic coating on your car reduces the need to wash it?

The application of a ceramic coating is a proven and tested method. However, you should not anticipate that you will not be required to wash the car frequently since this is not the case. There is a possibility that contaminants will still adhere to the coated surface. To ensure that the coating remains in pristine condition, you must thoroughly wash your vehicle every two weeks.

Tips for extending the lifespan of ceramic coatings

Make sure you take care of your ceramic-coated vehicle to keep it looking its best. Here are three tips to keep your ceramic-coated vehicle in top condition.

  • You should wash your automobile once every two weeks if it has a ceramic coating. It will assist in eliminating any impurities that the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating are unable to remove, and it will aid in the prevention of water stains.
  • Your car shampoo will get tainted if you do not follow the technique of handwashing that involves using two buckets. When washing by hand, adopting a two-bucket strategy produces far better results, with fewer swirl marks. 
  • When washing your automobile, it is best to do it in an area that is either completely covered or has a large amount of shade. If you want to preserve the car’s coating, washing the automobile early in the morning or late at night is best.

Where can you find a reputable ceramic coating company?

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