Can you wax over a ceramic coating?

Wax and ceramic coatings are two typical types of protective coatings that may be applied to vehicles to shield them from the effects of the environment. However, is it possible to put wax on top of a ceramic coating to keep the ceramic coating and the car’s paint in good condition? To discover the answer, keep reading this post provided by Ceramic Pro New River Valley in Christiansburg, Virginia.

Is it beneficial to apply wax on top of ceramic coating?

The application of wax on top of a covering made of glass or ceramic material is not required. Wax will not be able to give the same degree of protection that the ceramic coating does, all that it will do is block the attributes of the layer. This means that wax will not be able to compete with the amount of protection that the ceramic coating provides. Wax will, in theory, cling to a ceramic coating, and once it has done so, it will harden and absorb any qualities that make the coating repellent. Wax used to coat automobiles often contains a significant quantity of various natural oils, grease, and several other sticky chemicals. Water rolls off when a new coating has been applied, which is a considerable improvement. However, dirt, dust, tree sap, and pollen tend to attach to the surface after exposure to these chemicals, making the car seem much dirtier.

What are the advantages of using ceramic coating over wax?

Ceramic coating provides various advantages to automobiles both new and old. As shown by testing, ceramic coating is a protective layer that will last for years. The following are the possible benefits that ceramic coatings have to offer.

Shielding the paint from UV rays

It is possible to protect the painted surface of a car from the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet radiation by using a ceramic coating applied to the outside of the vehicle. This invisible shield is a protective barrier that prevents UV rays from damaging the clear coat and paint. As a result, the paintwork is less likely to fade or peel!

Hydrophobic Features

Compared to other coatings, ceramic coatings have a higher capacity to repel water. If a vehicle has very hydrophobic characteristics, then it is likely to be more durable and strong. The surfaces are so hydrophobic that the water will turn into little balls and roll right off the surface, accumulating dirt as roll of the vehicle. 

The range of ceramic coating costs

The amount you will spend on ceramic coating is proportional to the size and condition of the vehicle you want it done to. Ceramic coatings purchased from a reputable retailer will cost more than those applied at home using a DIY method. The performance of the coating that you get determines the price range that you will pay for it. The use of a more expensive ceramic coating material, the utilization of a larger vehicle, and the need for more severe paint repair work all necessitate the inclusion of a certain amount of extra expense.

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