Can you pressure wash your car after getting a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings can be applied to surfaces to provide a protective layer that is both transparent and impervious to the effects of salt and other pollutants. But, can you pressure wash a ceramic coating? In this piece, Ceramic Pro New River Valley will look at whether or not pressure washing a car with a ceramic coating can harm the coating or the underlying paint. Let’s find out more with the Ceramic Pro New River Valley experts.


Can pressure washing damage a ceramic coated car?

Using high pressure water on an automobile coated with ceramic is safe. By using a pressure washer, it is possible to remove the large majority of surface impurities without touching the coating. There are several advantages to combining a pressure washer with a foam cannon. Using more soap enhances the vehicle’s lubricity and lessens the likelihood that its surface will be scratched. Before any damage can be done to the paint, a pre-wash emulsifies particles and pushes them away from the surface.

Can a vehicle with a ceramic coating still be washed in an automated car wash?

Although it is possible to clean a car with a ceramic coating, it is crucial to remember that not all car washes are created equal. We should use something other than self-service car washes since they often use brushes composed of abrasive materials to clean your vehicle. This abrasive brush set might scratch your coating and your paint and should be avoided.

Use top notch car washing methods

Use the “two-bucket method.”

We risk damaging the paint, creating swirl marks, and other unpleasant results when we wash a vehicle with specific methods. Cars may be washed with less risk of scratching or scuffing with particular microfibre materials, but they are only helpful if they have been cleaned beforehand. If you wash your car using a mitt contaminated by dirty soapy water, you may end up with a dirty car and a mitt that doesn’t clean very well. To solve this widespread issue, a two-bucket car washing method was developed. The wrong washing methods might leave swirl marks on a newly painted car, using the two bucket method avoids this.

Touchless car washes

Public car washes fitted with high-pressure hoses that spray the vehicle clean are known as touchless car washes. These car washes are handled by hand and may be found in most major cities. The second kind of touchless car wash is a facility that enables cars to drive through while water and soap are sprayed into their vehicles at high pressure. This touchless car wash is also known as a tunnel car wash. Because the soaps used in these facilities do not meet industry standards, washing your vehicle with them could cause it to get damaged. These shampoos are inexpensive and generic; they have a high pH or ingredients that eliminate grease and are widely available. We do not recommend using touchless car washes.

How to contact Ceramic Pro New River Valley for ceramic coating services?

If you follow the correct procedure, the ceramic coating on your car will have a longer lifespan, resulting in a rise in the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it. Ceramic Pro New River Valley, located at 3025 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, offers ceramic coatings that are of the highest quality and protect the paint on your car from exposure to the elements. In addition, we offer our customers a broad selection of ceramic coating packages that have been customized to fulfill your specific needs! Ceramic Pro New River Valley can be reached at (540)-315-7362 if you want to set an appointment for a ceramic coating service on your vehicle.