3 Typical Signs To Remove Window Tint

Window tint is an excellent thing for the car. Not only do they keep the sun out of your eyes, but they also give you privacy and a stylish look. Window tint doesn’t last forever, and if you don’t know how to take it off right, you’ll end up with a big, sticky mess.

Window tint can be taken off in two main ways: with heat or by scraping. The best way to remove the tint film from your car windows will depend on why you want to do it. You will also need to clean the glass afterward because these methods don’t completely remove all the adhesive.

But what are signs that it is time to remove your current window tint? Let’s read what Ceramic Pro New River Valley says about this!

What is window tint? – Window Tint Explained

Today, there are four kinds of window tint: dyed, metalized, carbon, and ceramic. Each has a scratch-resistant coating, a polyester base, and an adhesive to stick it to the glass.


This is the most basic method and is usually used only for looks. But it will also give you more privacy and help keep the car cooler. Even though it’s the cheapest, it’s also the least durable.


Next is metalized, which is similar to dyed but has metal flakes in the polyester base. These not only make the glass look shiny, but they also help block UV rays while also keeping your interior from fading or cracking from the sun.


In the next step, carbon is used instead of metal flakes. Even though this kind of film won’t be reflective, it will help keep the inside of your car cool on hot days. This is because it blocks about 40% of the infrared rays.


Then there is window tint made of ceramic. Any expert will tell you this is the best choice for most car owners. Instead of using metal flakes or carbon, they use particles of ceramic. Not only do these block 99 percent of all UV rays, but they also deflect about 50 percent of the heat from the sun.

Ceramic window tint costs more than the other choices, but it lasts the longest.

Signs That It Is Time to Remove Your Current Window Tint

Now that you know how car window tint works, how it sticks, and what kinds there are, let’s look at a few signs that it’s time to take it off.

Peeling or Bubbling

Peeling around the edges or bubbles on the surface are usually the first signs that your window tint is wearing down. This peeling around the edges of your windows will spread over time. Bubbles, on the other hand, look terrible and may cause tear when rolling up/down your window.


If your window tint starts to fade and lose color, it will not look good, just like when it peels or bubbles. Strangely, when the window tint color changes, it usually turns purple. This is thought to be caused by the dyes used in the making of the product breaking down.

Darker Than the Local Law Allows

Even though it’s not a “sign” of an aging tint, it’s a clear reason to get rid of it. Most of the time, you can only put a film on the back and rear windows that block out 50% of the light. This goes up to 35% for the driver’s and passenger’s windows.

Most states only let you tint the front windshield’s top brow (about 5 inches), which is usually 35% or less. If you don’t follow these limits, you could get a ticket for several hundred dollars.

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